Hello, I am Aniket kumar

Photographer / Artist / Web designer / illustrator


My photography is a part of who I am. Through my camera I attempt to capture beauty .


I’m a creative freelance artist, 3D & 2D animator, designer. I belive in creating what i use to think.

Web designer

I am working as a freelance web designer. I love creating different website designes and express my ideas.

3D Animator

I love designing 3D models of different object . Designing a 2d drawing in 3d Model.

Hello !

My name is Aniket Kumar. Born and raised in Delhi , I have always had a passion for art and Design. Starting my career as a Freelance Photographer , I quickly realized that the digital world was the way of the future . I jumped a step forward towards Animation and Graphic Design.My passion ever since has been developing brands and using my traditional talents to create digital art work

Software used

I am using the following softwares to to express my views in form of Digital art. Some of the Softwares are Adobe Photoshop , Lightroom , illustrato , Blender , Maya e.tc. I find myself as a good creator as well as a good learner of these softwares.
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