Hello, I am Aniket kumar

Photographer / Artist / Web designer / illustrator


My photography is a part of who I am. Through my camera I attempt to capture beauty .


I’m a creative freelance artist, 3D & 2D animator, designer. I belive in creating what i use to think.

Web designer

I am working as a freelance web designer. I love creating different website designes and express my ideas.

3D Animator

I love designing 3D models of different object . Designing a 2d drawing in 3d Model.

Hello !

My name is Aniket Kumar. Born and raised in Delhi , I have always had a passion for art and Design. Starting my career as a Freelance Photographer , I quickly realized that the digital world was the way of the future . I jumped a step forward towards Animation and Graphic Design.My passion ever since has been developing brands and using my traditional talents to create digital art work

Work Showcase

Some of my Recent works created using Adobe illustrator.


Software used

I am using the following softwares to to express my views in form of Digital art. Some of the Softwares are Adobe Photoshop , Lightroom , illustrato , Blender , Maya e.tc. I find myself as a good creator as well as a good learner of these softwares.
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